Transforming Information Into Engagement


Over twenty years of experience in development, analysis, reporting and providing results from Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys



We are experts in developing tested, valid and statistically relevant questions to measure employee satisfaction and engagement. We are experts in providing advisory services to help you make lasting improvements based on survey results.


Normative Data (Benchmarking)

Our Benchmarking data allows you to compare the responses for your organization with similar organizations and thousands of other respondents, allowing you to identify issues unique to your organization and those shared by your peers for which Best Practice Solutions may be provided.


Fast Results

From conception to recommendations, we can complete the entire survey process in a matter of a few weeks compared to a few months required by other survey service providers or trying to conduct the survey on your own.



While we provide excellent templates and questions, we are always open to adding questions unique to your organization. We also provide a wide range of data collection choices including hard copy, Internet and telephone) and a wide variety of data reporting capabilities including (text, graphical, statistical and written comments).



Independent studies show that organizations that act on employee concerns enjoy higher employee loyalty which leads to higher customer and patient loyalty. Our survey process includes recommendations to improve employee loyalty based upon survey results.



We provide our full spectrum of services for about $4 per employee, a savings of thirty to ninety percent compared to other survey providers, survey software companies or completing the process yourself. Discounts are also available above 1000 employees.



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