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Transforming Managers into Leaders


SBS provides expertise to our clients in three critical areas:


Leader Development

Ten Pillars of Leader Development: A Turnkey Solution for your organization's leader development program. Let SBS conduct your leadership development program with class sizes of up to 30 participants in classes conducted monthly for 10 months. Course curriculum includes outside reading of multiple leadership articles with in-class discussion of the most current topics in leadership. 


Emerging Leader Development 

Similar to the Ten Pillars of Leadership for experienced leaders but focused on the needs of emerging leaders who have one year or less leadership experience of have been identified by the organization as a potential leader. A First 90 Days program is also available as a one-day program to ensure new leaders begin their tenure with a clear focus on behaviors required to be a successful trusted leader.


Behavioral Interview Training and Certification

The Mastering the Behavioral Interview Training manual provides a complete course to prepare managers, executives and recruiters to professionally utilize the behavioral interviewing methodology to select the best candidates for your organization. It may also be used by candidates to prepare for behavioral interviews so they may stand out as being highly prepared and qualified.



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