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What is Behavioral Interviewing?

Welcome to Mastering The Behavioral Interview brought to you by Strategic Business Services

The Mastering the Behavioral Interview training manual provides a complete course to prepare managers, executives and recruiters to professionally utilize the behavioral interviewing methodology to select the best candidates for your organization.  It may also be used by candidates to prepare for behavioral interviews so they may stand out as being highly prepared and qualified.

Behavioral interviewing has been proven to improve hiring decisions drastically over traditional methods.

The basis of behavioral interviewing is that past performance is the best predictor of future performance.

To determine past performance, the interview questions center around asking the candidate to provide detailed information about SPECIFIC situations, actions they took and results achieved.

Encourage the candidate to answer questions by giving a SITUATION, ACTION he/she took and the RESULTS or outcome achieved.

Why Use Behavioral Interviewing?

Traditional interviews are often poor predictors of good hires. Traditional interviewers tend to choose people they like, or that are like himself or herself, rather than the best qualified candidate for the job. Because of this subjectivity, traditional interviews usually do not provide the best hires and can end up being costly to the organization.

Behavioral based interviewing processes can improve the success rate of new hires for an organization. Better hires provide increased productivity, higher morale, lower turnover rates and better quality results.

Managers who utilize behavioral interviewing report dramatic increases in their confidence and effectiveness. Most job candidates agree that a behavioral interview is the best and fairest job interview they have ever had, although not necessarily the easiest.

Successful organizations use behavioral interviewing because it:

  • Provides a Systematic candidate selection process
  • Ensures critical job-related questions are asked
  • Acquires relevant information to make the best hiring decision
  • Meets legal requirements
  • Protects your organization from costly lawsuits
  • Provides objective selection data
  • Ensures a fair and consistent selection process
  • Ensures the best candidate / job match
  • Results in shorter training time and lower turnover

Mastering The Behavioral Interview has been competitively priced so that any size organization can afford to train its managers to select only the most highly qualified candidates that will be an asset to your culture.

Please feel free to contact us directly at 513-293-0266, or email at mikes@sbsinfo.com for detailed pricing for your organization.

Considering that the cost of hiring the wrong employee can be two times the employee's salary, you can see very clearly the value that 'Mastering The Behavioral Interview' can bring to your organization.